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Photoshoot With Chloe


Had a fun and quick shoot last week with a model named Chloe. Totally random, was looking for models with cool tattoos for a shoot and she was one of the models who responded. Did a walk through Rochor Centre and Bugis and got a nice set from it.

Was quite funny as when Chloe arrived, her friend was there with her to keep an eye on things. I don’t blame her for bringing a friend along. After all the stories I’ve heard from my other models, there’s a lot of nasty “photographers” out there who are looking for something other than a photoshoot. Glad she had a good time during the shoot, the set with the airplane coin-op ride was hilarious. When we started shooting there, I wanted her to have a beer and a cigarette as props, and the aunty who worked at the Chinese BBQ joint nearby came over and offered her bottle cap opener for the beer.