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Services + Contact For Hire


For commissioned commercial and editorial photography projects, please contact me. I’m not expensive and I keep it simple with very little licensing paperwork that’s easy to manage and understand.

I work as the Creative Director of APAC for Favorite Medium, a digital product company with offices in Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul. If you have a project and need a team to manage design, development and content creation, then contact me here:
Photography and videography can be wrapped into the total budget at a discounted rate for a project.

Just need commissioned photography? Read on:

What’s it like to work with me?

  • Being a Creative Director and having worked on some global scale projects, I have an eye for what works in a good design and will shoot with responsive web and mobile design in mind.
  • I’m easy going and easy to communicate with, I’m also very organized and respond fast.
  • I work with a network of models, makeup artists and location owners, so arranging a shot is fairly easy.
  • I also work with a network of photographers, if I feel a project is not the right fit, I can help introduce you to another local talented photographer on the same level.
  • I love working with musicians and will help local bands in exchange for beer.
To better improve my services, please let me know. :)