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On Keeping Organized and Using Flickr

Finally got around to tidying up my Flickr account into “Collections”. Check ’em out:

Going to start separating my Chinatown and Little India shots into their own series(sets).

Often I get into discussions about Flickr and why I continue to stay with them. I have many reasons for this, but thought I’d share my top 5 here:

1. Flickr got me thinking harder about my shots, the Flickr community encouraged me to carefully consider what I wanted to say with photography. I’m telling a story with my shots, and Flickr has become the best platform for me to do this.

2. Changed my mindset about content sharing. I select only 1-2 photos per day to share, no more than that, rather than dumping several photos at once into my photostream. When I first joined Flickr, I noticed that uploading several photos at once would always result in fewer views and comments. I’m not out for view count or comments, but when I was just getting started, this was a good lesson in photo spamming. No one wants to look through 10+ photos of slightly different angles of the same subject, or 50+ photos of a trip to the icecream shop.

3. Choose only the best to share. I won’t share random snapshots, I look through hundreds of photos every week and select only the few I think are worth sharing. Before Flickr, I would share hundreds of photos without thinking twice.

4. Started writing again, which led to this blog(which I update infrequently, but that’s not the point). I enjoy writing when I have the time and it helps me lace my tale together. Flickr allows me to present this content to my audience in a format easy to access and digest.

5. An incredible high quality community of photographers. I have made so many photographer friends through Flickr, and that alone is reason enough to stick with it. Photography brings the world together.