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Just Ask Permission

Finally got a “yes” at a Chinese medicine shop to shoot a few photos. Rarely do they let me take photos inside, maybe it was the nice weather that day. I had friends visiting from out of town and took them for a walk around Chinatown where I live. This one TCM was quite busy, I walked in and politely asked if we could take a few photos and got a nice smile and a yes, so we shot a few rounds. Got some nice ones, of which I’ll choose one to use in my new book which I will be publishing soon.

On another note, it is starting to get a little obnoxious, finding my photos being used in travel guides, ads, and other odd places, all without my knowing. I understand that once it’s online, it’s basically out in the wild and I am relying on peoples morals and good principles, hoping they do not thieve my art. If you like my photos and want to publish them or use them in an ad, PLEASE ASK FIRST!