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Processing Black and White Film in Singapore

It is quite easy to find a print shop in Singapore to develop black and white film, what is painfully difficult is finding a print shop who will also scan your film to CD and not sharpen your photos to death. I have had very little luck finding a print shop that does not commit the outrageous crime of scanning your photos using automatic settings that sharpen them to a such a degree, that you are, in the end, left with a CD of deep fried photos. Of course there is never an issue with simply developing the film itself, anyone can do that. When it comes to scanning, of course I would enjoy having a dedicated film scanner at home, but I just don’t shoot film frequently enough to merit the purchase or the loss of space in my apartment for yet another gadget.

I have narrowed it down to two who I can trust to get the job done right. For anyone who has been here longer than a few months, you likely already know these two as they are notorious amongst the photogs here in town. The first is Grace Digital Lab who also happens to be the best deal in town when it comes to printing large format color. The second who I have been using more recently because of their convenient location on the ground floor of Peninsula Plaza near City Hall MRT is Konota(I could not find their URL), who develops and scans a roll of 36 B&W in under a week. Very happy with these two shops and their prices are great.

If you’re interested, you can see the full, and growing, set of B&W shots I have taken here.