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Singapore Shophouses & Spaces

It has been nearly half a year since I arrived in Singapore, my life here is quite different from my life back in Japan. My daily routines have been slowly reconfigured to fit this new premise and my usual timing has also been readjusted. Rather than starting my day at 10AM I find myself up and at my favorite hawker stall awaiting my white coffee and buttered toast at 8:30AM sharp. The usual array of fashion victims who I loved to chase have been replaced by a more tame crowd of sweat pants clad, flip flop wearing citizens who seem to be far more aware of my camera and have their own special techniques for dodging it. It has been a while, but I am starting to see a few new sub-series starting in my photo stream. One of which I am enjoying is capturing shophouse interiors, which looks like it’s going to take some time before I develop a good eye for spotting the right ones. To shoot them, I’m keeping my camera at waist height, F1.2, and simply judging the distance by eye.

My show is still up over at Shots Café, if you haven’t caught it yet please do check it out. The café is over on Ann Siang Hill and they serve a fantastic cup of coffee. The experience has given me a lot of new ideas for directions to take my photography. One of which is to actually plan a proper series, something I have been very casual about before and now I feel like I would like to go to the next level of this. I think I already have a good target. Just need to find a way to fund the trip, but if I can do it, it should turn out to be a series with quite some meaning and impact.