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Where The Tourists And Fashion Victims Hang Out

I miss Shibuya. It’s been a few months here and I just couldn’t figure out where the freaks hang. I have been following some photographers work that often shows the kind of subjects that I like to shoot in and around the Orchard area. Since I’m staying over on the West coast, getting to Orchard isn’t a casual affair, and takes about an hour on the MRT. I needed my fix of fashion victims and wandering crazies, so I made my way over today.

Orchard appears to be Singapore’s answer to Omotesando, only it seems their plan backfired. Rather than being a magnet for the rich and the vain, it’s crowded with locals in sweat pants and flip flops, fashion-blind tourists, and an odd crowd of underage smokers who occupy spaces I assume were intended for janitors and shop staff to use during their break. Then again, it may have just been the first Sunday of the month, I should come back on a regular Saturday and see if the demographics change.

That said, I did get a few good candids in, and the giant luxury fashion shops did provide an adequate distraction to keep them from noticing me. The wide sidewalks are great for providing ample space to isolate subjects. Lots of good cafés and coffee shops too for reviewing shots over a cup of kopi. If anyone wants to join me for a candid walking session sometime here please do msg me.