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Choosing The Right Seat, And The Right Satay Vendor

Lau Pa Sat in Raffles is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots to hang around for late night photography. It does have a touristy vibe, but that doesn’t change the fact that the architecture, lighting, and late night patrons all fit nicely into my list of personal criteria I use to judge good spots for candids. The washed out 80’s high school cafeteria colors, the fluorescent lights, the tacky or non-existent fashion of the patrons, all fascinating. That, and I get to eat Satay Power’s blazingly amazing mutton satay, of which I can consume perpetually until someone tells me to stop.

Seating is important when scouting for good candids here. I notice a lot of tourists taking corner seats with bad angle views of the interior or exterior of the building. You really need to sit in the center of a row of tables, to get a good sense of the symmetry in the design of the architecture. This symmetry also provides a nice backdrop to frame the hapless locals who walk into your shot as you enjoy your late night snacks. Keep in mind that if you choose the wrong side of the building, you won’t get the satay waiters/waitresses who seem to only wander around one side the court. I stumbled upon Satay Power purely by coincidence. Ibrahim, the owner, grills some mean mutton satay.