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Men In A Liquor Store

I spent a few hours absorbing Little India a few days ago. It was one of those rare moments when I could peel myself away from my computer and Skype and do what I love by examining every possible corner of a particular area, camera in hand. I had a special moment finding, behind the very colorful house that everyone seems to know about, a group of Indian men sitting on plastic chairs drinking hot tea while together watching classic Bollywood on a large TV. Immediately I joined the line for tea and partook in some fine scalding hot masala in a paper cup. The film looked like it was about a couple staging a daring escape from a crazy dictator and his army of poorly dressed dancing goons.

Later in the day, Waki joined me and we made our way to a live show her classmates arranged for that evening. On the way I stopped by a liquor shop to get started early with a can of Tiger.